Why Budding Performers Need Agents

Some people contend that performers like actors and models have no need of agents. While that may be true for people who are already well established and have casting directors offering them new projects almost daily, those who are not as well known or are new to the business need someone in their corners. Here are some of the important roles agents fill as part of their commitment to clients.

Credibility in the Industry

Anyone who has an agent has a leg up simply because someone in the industry has agreed they have what it takes to be successful. Agents screen clients carefully and do not take on anyone they believe is unsuitable for acting or modeling gigs. The fact that the performer has an agent means someone believes in their ability to deliver the goods if they are hired.

An Advocate

Someone can be a dynamo on the stage or screen and not be the best salesperson in the world. With an agent from One Source Talent to handle the task of promoting the client, it is much easier to focus on the craft and rest assured the word will get out. For example, an actor can focus more on learning how to make a good impression during casting calls, the importance of doing a cold reading that impresses and, in general, how to go about preparing for any type of interview with a producer or director. While all this is taking place, the agent is out there finding the right gigs and making sure the performer is among those signed up to try out for the roles.

Knowing Where the Jobs Are

An agent has connections in the business that make it much easier to know when someone needs what the performer has to offer. Along with being aware of potential work already being advertised in the trades, the agent often is able to find out about https://www.youtube.com/user/onesourcetalent possible projects before they become common knowledge. The network the agent has established can go a long way toward getting the client in the door before everyone in town knows about the gig and rushes to get in on the action.

Creating a Support Network for the Client

Once the work begins to roll in, the client will need help with all sorts of activities. This includes legal counsel for evaluating the terms of contracts, someone to function as a money manager, and even a personal assistant who can take care of things the client cannot manage due to work commitments. The connections of the agent make it easier to qualify and, ultimately, find the right support personnel to ensure the performer is taken care of properly.

To see what an agent can do, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/onesourcetalent and watch the entire video. Doing so will make it much easier to understand why having the right agent really does make a difference.